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Silver Powder Flask

Silver Powder Flask
Powder flasks date to the discovery of gun powder. Early containers were made of wood, hide, ivory, gold, silver, brass and were made in many sizes to suit various needs. Flasks achieved notoriety as an art form as early as the 16th century in Europe where master artisans created flasks with inlaid precious metals, jewels and miniature artwork depicting scenes of every type and description. Predictably, the quality and components of a flask served to identify the degree of wealth and rank of the owner. Today, powder flasks are displayed in some of the fines museums in the world.

The Industrial Revolution gave rise to the manufacture of mass produced stamped brass and copper flasks which allowed for a wide array of designs and motifs to suit every preference from plain and utilitarian to fancy and whimsical at an affordable price. A wide variety of hunting scenes and game were very popular as were fancy geometric or scroll designs and patriotic motifs.

This two part shell body was brazed at the join and was fitted with a brass device (charger) that could be unscrewed for powder to be loaded into the reservoir. To load the firearm the shooter chose how much powder the the shot required by adjusting the notched steps on the charger's outer sleeve. The shooter would cover the open end of the tip with his finger, press the thumb spring and upend the flask filling the channel with quantity chosen for the powder charge. Releasing the spring closed the aperture and the single powder load would remain in the small channel to be poured into the muzzle.
Most hunting flasks were constructed with small carrying rings attached to the sides for a shoulder sling. Others were made without them and were intended to be carried in pockets,shoulder pouch or in their wooden guncases which also carried all necessary tools including extractors, bullet molds etc.
This 8 inch 19th century flask was designed for a gentleman of means. It is made with a silver plated copper body with brass charger. Typically, flasks were finished with their brass or copper body polished and lacquered. its ornate design allowed for the owner's intitals to be engraved on the panel in the center. This is an original and fully funtional 19th century black powder flask.

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