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Model 1819

Model 1819
The first official US model of pistol was the Model 1799 Flintlock Pistol made in Connecticut by Simeon North and Elisha Cheney. Only about 2000 of these were produced. over the next two decades improvements in firearms called for new designs resulting in six more models, all but two of which were produced by S. North. The seventh was the Model 1819 made by North. From 1819-1823 North produced over 20,000 of this model under Federal contract.

The firearm is .54 calibre, single shot, smooth bore with a 10" round barrel and a brass blade front sight with oval rear sight on the tang. Overall length is 15 1/2". The gun was designed with the new swivel tupe steel ramrod adapted from British military handguns.

All mountings are of iron. Only the front sight and the flashpan are of brass. This weaon incorporates a sliding safety bolt at the rear of the hammer. This feature is unique to period US martial arms.

The lockplate originally bore the markings of "S. North" in a downward curve, over an American eagle/shield motif with letters U and S at either side over the bottom line bearing "MIDLtnCONN" on an upward curve. Age and flashpan blasts have etched lhe light stampings into obscurity. This is an early production piece as it bears no stamped adate behind the hammer. Those produced as of 1821 were dated. On the barrel at the breech can be seen the three line proof marks: "J/P/US". There is an oval inspectors carouche on the reverse side next to the sideplate. The inspector's initials within the oval are no longer crisp but it is likely "L.S." A soldier crudely carved his initial "D" to its right. There are several inspector's stamps in the stock: a small letter "V: above the oval cartouche and letter "T" stamped inside the grip near the intersection of the triggerguard and the butt cap.

There is an old hand-inked tag pasted on the inside of the grip. It appears to read, "Bought/from Mr. /Elias Ea../"grand/fathers"/ 1819/ Horse pistol."

This firearm is ino excellent condition with all original and fundtional parts. It is an authentic US army issue pistol from the early 1820's and should be treated with respect and should never be fred as the risk of damage to the antique and/or the user is possible.

Shipping insurance is highly recommended.
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