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Long Guns

Long Guns

These items are classified as antique firearms, and as such should not require you to have a license or a permit to own one. However, please check your state and local laws to be sure.  We do NOT ship these outside of the US. International laws are too numerous to keep abreast of.

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Antebellum Rifle

This is an example of a high quality specially made 19th century marksman's rifle in good condition...


John Crummey Buck 'n Ball

This Buck n' Ball shotgun was made in the Harrisonburg area of Virginia by gunsmith John Crummey. It..


Richmond Carbine - G1

With the outbreak of hostilities the South was faced with the dilemma of creating an industry to m..


Sharps New Model 1859 Carbine

The.52 calibre, breech-loading Sharps New Model 1859 carbine featured a blued barrel with casehard..