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Honey 21 oz.

Honey 21 oz.
Honey from the Golden Angels Apiary. Farmed and harvested using environmentally responsible methods. Honey is unfiltered, organic.

Available in 6oz., 16 oz., and 21oz. A Made in Virginia product.

The following review was posted on LocalHarvest.org:

Wildflower Honey!
By: brent james (Jan 21, 2010)

As an organic consumer who has always tried as hard as I can to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle, I was optimistic when I purchased your Wildflower Honey at the Virginia Beach Farmers Market recently, hoping it would be a good quality product. I was 100% elated when I sampled it after arriving home! It is always such an uplifting event when there is a merger between environmentally responsible farming practices such as yours and superior quality produce.

In my 57 years on this planet, I have never tasted better honey than your Wildflower product. It is the sweetest and smoothest tasting honey I have ever found, and rather than something that is used maybe once or twice a month with typical honeys, yours is used daily in our home. I just baked a loaf of my own recipe whole wheat-oatmeal-flaxseed bread in which I added some of your honey. It came out amazingly moist and added just a hint of sweetness to the loaf. My hearty congratulations on your environmentally friendly farming practices...may they always yield such superior products as your honey! All the best, Captain Brent S. James & family

PS Fair is fair...please convey my appreciation to your hard-working bees too! :-)
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