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The shops were awesome & entertaining...a place to take an out of town guest.
- Alextweet
Amazing food - wear your stretchy pants!
- Anon
The gift shops are enormous and I never leave empty handed.
- MScottasmith
It's always a treat & we never tire of going there.
- Connie
Must eat here & visit the gift shop.
- Jenny
Made the old fashioned way by Ann De Maury of Troutville, VA. Apples are peeled, riced and cooked in..

Gift certificates are available in $25, $50 and $100 denominations. They can be used in the Ordinary..

Brick tea was easy to transport along the silk roads by spice merchants, easy to ship to the America..

Medium heavy weight 100% preshrunk cotton crew neck tee. This tee features our logo on the left fron..

Straight from the Ordinary is our Buttermilk Biscuit Mix and our Cornbread Mix. Homemade taste wit..

Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf and Granny all in one doll. Each one is lovingly handmade right her..

Shut the Box has murky origins, but it has been around for several hundred years. Played by sailors..

 This design features three large dogwood flowers and swirl earrings. Handmade in Orange, VA by..

This Piece is a reproduction of an artifact. Each piece was hand-blown by Jamestown Glasshouse glass..

This shot glass is a reproduction of a small beaker found at Jamestown. It was used for holding bran..

Made of Precious Metal Clay and kiln fired, these medallions are hand polished and very unique. All ..

This octagonal bottle is a replica of those found on the sunken U.S.S. Cairo, an ironclad gunboat th..

14 oz pewter look bowl. Great for soup, cereal, salad or lots of ice cream. Each piece is individual..

13 3/4 inch diameter pewter look plate. Can be used as a charger or serving plate. Each piece is ind..

10 inch diameter pewter look plate. Each piece is individually cast in sand so no two are completely..

14 oz pewter goblet. Great for water, iced tea, soda or wine. Helps keep your drink cold. Each piece..

8 inch diameter pewter look plate. Each piece is individually cast in sand so no two are completely ..

These custom leather journals measure 6 X 8 and are made in India. Each one is hand stitched, hand e..